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It's been a while

I need this. I need somewhere that's not fb.

I need to be able to talk real, even if it's just for me

I need to say it's weird and painful to hear words from someone who forgot they ever said them before. Pain and joy all at once.

I think I'm back here now.

Blame out on the add, baby.

Sepia steampunk

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I've written down another memory. This one is about how I met the band M.I.R.V. for the first time, and how my friendship with my Dirty Uncle Kehoe was born.

I really wish they had cross posting to LJ available still, dammit.

SideHawk bangs

Not jumping ship, but . . .

So, I've started a new blog. LJ will still be where I keep up with my last few friends on here, and where I post the really personal stuff. The new blog, for right now anyway, is more about old memories & weird/cool things that have happened to me. I've been wanting something like that for a while, and really didn't feel that LJ was the right format for it. Anyway, here's the link if you want to check it out. I haz 1 whole post up!

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Its seems that this was the weekend for escapes. Half my friends were either in vegas, or up near my old stomping grounds. Us, we went to Monterey.

Monterey was a bit of a tradition with the ex and I. We were dirt poor most of the time, but we always managed to go to once a year. We kinda had a trip pattern. Aquarium/wharf/walk around Carmel (not necessarily in that order). One of the this that has bummed me out since our divorce is that I haven't been back there. Monterey is something I want to share with someone. I've always wanted to take Monkey, so when the living social deal popped up during my unexpected windfall a couple months ago, I jumped on it.

The deal was for a one night stay at a very nice hotel/resort, a $30 spa credit, and with the caveat of having to use it by the end of June. By the time we got our shit together to actually book our night, all the Saturdays were gone. We decided to take a day off & go Sunday/Monday instead.

Friday & Saturday nights, we had unexpected house guests. One is one of my very best friends who used to live with me. The other is his now 'friend'. She's nice & funny, but having to kids in their early 20's in the house for that long after a VERY trying work week was a little rough at times. We didn't actually map out our trip until about 2am Sunday, or even pack (not that we needed much for an overnight or anything) until Sunday morning.

We got off to kind of a late start, but were surprised to realize that is was only a 2 hour trip (I always came from Sonoma county, which is a longer distance & less direct route). The new little car (whom I call 'the tardis') performed remarkably well. The only stop we made was to a road side fruit stand in Gilroy, where we bought 3 baskets of strawberries, a bag of cherries, and 3 peaches. All that is left after last night is 1 peach. Soooo muuuuuch goood fruuuuuit *nom*

The hotel was classy, pretty, and not too over done. We dropped our stuff off & jumped back in the car for the short trip to Carmel. It turns out Monkey had never been there. Oh man, there's not much better than showing a place you love to someone you love for the first time, and having them see it like you do. In case you've never been to Carmel-by-the-Sea, it is a tiny seaside town filled with fairytale cottages housing amazing art galleries, shops, restaurants, and hidden courtyards. We saw maybe a quarter of what there was to see, and even that was overwhelming. The art was amazing. Monkey called his mom after the third gallery & started talking about taking her there when she's up to visit next month. We stopped in a game store at one point & we got a couple fun new card-based games for entertainment. I called my ex to try to figure out where our favorite restaurant was (I thought I knew where it was but was having trouble finding it). Turns out he & his wife had been there the day before! As much fun as it would have been to run into them, I'm glad we didn't. The trip, for me, was partially about making new memories in one of my favorite places that didn't include him (though the Monterey trips were some of our best memories, over all). He told me our old favorite was gone. Monkey & I wandered around until he found one he wanted to try (I was open to whatever, and really wanted him to pick something). The food amazing, the service fantastic and hey, I can finally say I ate at a french restaurant. We played card games between courses, and headed back to the hotel stuffed & happy.

After some more food-coma induced card fun, we decided to hit the town. Now, Monterey on a Sunday night isn't exactly party central, but we found a couple of bars to stop in at. One was pretty much a college kid/frat dood karaoke place. We giggle through one drink & headed down to street to an english pub. This place had great decorations & a huge list of Scotches. Unfortunately, they were obviously closing early. Monkey got to try two new (to him) scotches, before then, which made him a very happy Monkey. We headed back to the cheesy bar, when I felt sufficiently boozy to sing in front of a room full of frat boys. Which I did, and I effin' KILLED it. I was the last singer permitted, so we headed back to our hotel & crashed out happy & relaxed.

The next day we woke around 10 & packed up the car. At check out, we were directed to a lovely organic restaurant across the street, which served a lovely veggie/bacon scramble with home made bread. We wandered back across the street to the spa & enjoyed a couple hours of massage therapy & general laziness before heading down to the wharf for the touristy stuff. I do love the wharf in Monterey, though I never go to the one in SF. I dislike clam chowder, but Monkey loves it, and had a blast trying the free samples from all the restaurants vying for our business. We shopped, looked at (and unfortunately smelled) the sea lions, and laughed a lot. Eventually, we settled on a place that had fresh-caught salmon encrusted with pesto & Parmesan. The food & views were wonderful.

After that, we decided to head home after grabbing a couple cheesy things from the first gift shop. I was in the middle of paying when I saw them - jars full of baby sharks for sale. Real ones.
In the past few months, I've done quite a bit of research on sharks & have grown to love them & become sickened by what we as humans are doing to destroy them (for fin soup, face cream, and snake-oil treatments). It was too late to cancel my sale (I tried but she didn't hear me & ran my card). I walked out feeling like a fucking tool for shopping there. I ran into Monkey outside (he was searching for a bathroom) & told him what happened. We went back in to return the stuff (and monkey went to try & figure out the name of the company that distributed the sharks). Neither of us were successful, as they didn't take returns (in fact, I felt kinda bad for the two old ladies behind the counter as they were totally bewildered & had to idea why anyone would do a return ever!). Their manager is in tomorrow. I'm thinking of calling or emailing him/her to just drop a little education. Hard to do that without sounding like a preachy/crazy/PETA type person, but I'll try.

Besides that, it was a damn near perfect trip. We headed home while the sun set & proceeded to watch TV & cuddle birds rather than risk drama & (further) back injuries at Death Guild.

Now I'm back at work & I'm so stressed & frustrated & . . .  oh never mind. That's a post for another day.
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A half hour ago, I sent this out at work:

I’m writing this to inform you all that this is my last day. I have chosen a new path in life & will be joining a vegan farming collective/space cult this coming month. I will be selling off all my worldly goods next week before I move to the compound, and donating all my money to my new lord, the Space God FBihdpwhfbjr. Thank you all for a wonderful time here, and I hope you have a positive enlightenment when the Planet Pluto returns to exact it’s firey  revenge on all who called it a meteor.

High Priestest Shiney StarPower (Formerly, Bronica DeCarlo)

p.S. Anyone know a quick way to get rid of tattoos? I’ve heard Sulphiric Acid works well.

5 minutes ago, one of the scientists asked if it was serious or for April Fools? I answered " Of course it's a joke, I could never be vegan!"

Oh scientists. Brilliant but clueless.

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Me to Gigantic Gay Little Brother this morning: "I accept your hipsterism because you still have a sense of humor & are really sweet, but I swear to gawd if you ever grow an ironic moustache I will hold you down & nair your face!"
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Dude! In the past week, I've:
*Got commissioned to draw some fetish art (still not sure if I'm taking it. The model is very bony & boring & hard to make look good with the OMG RIBS)
*Sold all 6 of my paintings at Sonja's benefit
*Just sold one of the pieces up at work!

Damn! Does that make me a professional artist yet?
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Friday, I bought a gun.

It was my first time buying a gun. Mind you, it's not for me, it's a v-day gift for the Monkey (because nothing says romance like a 12-gauge double barrel shot gun with a beautifully carved stock). It's odd to buy something that you don't actually get to pick up for several days. Nice to not have to worry about the back ground check though, being as my record is impeccable. Like an ass, I had left my driver's license in my side pouches after Edwardian Ball (and drove around without it all week without noticing - go me!), so I had to fax it in later (a good friend is a huge regular at this store, so I go some leeway). That was fun, with Monkey having to show me how to scan & fax from his machine without actually looking at what I was doing. Still, we managed.

Vended at Hubba's Cabaret Perilous Friday night. As much fun as it was, and as much as I made money, it sucked to miss both Meat Guild & the Glenn Danzig Tribute Burlesque show in the city. Ah well. I made as much as I did the Friday before, at the Edwardian Ball. Down to the dollar. Mind you, Friday at Edwardian was not much (for an event of that scale, anyway), but was respectable for a club night. I don't regret me decision to leave Hubba on Mondays, but it was still nice to be back at the Uptown. The show was awesome as well.

The Money from Friday made it possible to buy the supplies for my first two raised beds, which we did Saturday. It was seriously $1.80 more than I had made. I then painted myself gold (which you couldn't really see in the club, but it was interesting to see how I would look tan), bedazzled myself, and went to Pop Roxx. I ended up go-go dancing on stage at one point (and asked to! I didn't just jump stage). That was pretty awesome. Began repairing a drama-damaged friendship with someone (I specifically haven't written about the particulars of the drama-storm, and won't. I'm just glad it seems to be passing at last). Over all though, the music really wasn't my thing (though I liked the band), so we went to Cat's for a bit. I was fairly tired from dancing & as drunk as I was willing to get, so we left before too long. That's when I noticed I didn't have my purse. Went back to DNA, then Cat's, then DNA again. I felt like an ass. I'm not the girl who loses her purse. Yeah, I've left in it coat check once or twice, but I haven't LOST it. Luckily, ID, cash, and phone were on me, but iPOD, house keys, stereo faceplate, and a bunch of other little things were in there. Went to bed stressing when the DNA called. They found it, we could get it Monday. Then another friend called, she lives close to us, so she'd just bring it home with her. I love my club friends so much.

Sunday was full of dirt & building & figuring out how to make things work because we hadn't done this before. Still, planter boxes are pretty easy & we already had one when we moved in to use as a template. The first box took an hour & a half, the second, a half hour. I underestimated my dirt needs & only bought enough for one box, which is fine, as only one really needed to be seeded now. They're big & pretty & will make lots of food happen. I'm finally over trying to make stuff grow in craptastic Oakland soil (even with partial replacement & lots of fertilizing every year). My peas & lettuce in the first box are already growing like crazy. the second, seeded yesterday right after we filled it, has onions, radishes, carrots, and spinach. I also want to plant 3 kinds of potatoes, at least 4 kinds of tomatoes, bell peppers, corn, 2-3 kinds of squash, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, more strawberries, more blueberries, beans, basil, cilantro . . . . I don't quite have to room for all that yet though. Still trying to decide what to cut from that list . . . . I'm hoping for 4 boxes this year with maybe 2 more next year.

Our new roommate finally moved in (after paying rent for almost 2 months & generally dropping off a box or two a week). It's weird sharing the common spaces again, as we had separate common spaces with the old one. Really, Monkey & I prefer living alone, but we can't afford to while he's still unemployed. Pluses of having a new roommate though: we wanted to watch Sons of Anarchy, but I wouldn't get the new disk from Netflix til Tuesday. He downloaded the end of the season for us, plus is downloading season 3 today, which isn't even available in dvd yet! I NEED MY BIKER SOAP OPERA DAMMIT!!!

oof, between the go-go dancing & the gardening, my legs feel like I've run a marathon. I've been walking around like an old lady all day.


Today is made of muthafuckin' WIN!!!!

Got a collections call from the dentist who extracted my two wisdom teeth last year. Turns out they were over charging me. Billed dropped from $230 to $72. Paid it on the spot. That brings me to just one more bill to pay off before I am out of the debt. W00t!!!

My work started it's free in-house catering. Free lunch every day, and it's really damn good. Mushroom soup, Italian veggie sandwich, salad bar . . . I'm realizing that I need to just work here forever because I will probably never find a job this good, especially doing things this important. I don't know how I lucked into this place when I did, but damn I'm thankful. Go SCIENCE!!

Just bought tickets to Sepultura, one of my favorite bands of all time, who I have never seen live. About to jump out of my skin I'm so excited.

It's my Friday, as I'm taking the next two days off for Edwardian Ball prep.

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